Supply Chain — Policy

Policy statement

Sahar Atid Diamonds Ltd is committed to its philosophy of viewing it’s
contractors and sub-contractors as essential business partners.
The management of Sahar Atid Diamonds Ltd states that it will make continuous efforts to ensure the commitment of its business partners to comply with Best Practice Principles, the Kimberley Process Certification and WDC System of Warranties.

Management and control

The management of Sahar Atid Diamonds Ltd takes full responsibility for this policy and for its distribution and implementation throughout the organization. The management of Sahar Atid Diamonds Ltd declares that all relevant information regarding the BPP requirements and practical implementation of the BPP requirement will be communicated to its business partners.
The system will be reviewed on regular basis by the electronic database, employees’ trainings, KYC, risk assessment procedures etc.
Also, we are committed to independent third-party auditing of
Sahar Atid Diamonds Ltd management systems and performance.


1 FEB 2022